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*NashVegas Guitars is an Authorized RYRA Dealer* 

Hands down the best 5F1 Tweed replica we’ve ever run across. If you don’t have one of these, you need one so give us a shout and let us help get one of the truly great amps of all time headed your way. Simply awesome!

The Tramp is a tribute to the Fender 5F1 Champ from the 1950s. After 70+ years, this little gem continues to delight players for being an outstanding practice and studio amp. This is a perfect choice for club dates mic'ed up through a PA system- and quite possibly the best amp for studio recording ever made. Did you know that the original '50's Champ has been on countless studio tracks for decades.

5 watts of power
Hammond Transformers
5F1 Type Circuit
Single Ended Operation
Cathode Bias Design
Standard Speaker: Jupiter 8SC 4ohm speaker
Standard Covering: Tweed
Tubes: 1-5Y3, 1-6V6GT, 1-12AX7
Cabinet Size: (H) 13" x (W) 14-1/2" x (D) 8-7/8"
Weight: 18 lbs.
120v operation
Sale Price: $1299.00

RYRA Tramp 5 Watt Tweed

$1,299.00 Regular Price
$1,099.00Sale Price
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