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about us

NashVegas Guitars was founded with the mission of helping guitarists find the sounds they dream about creating.  We are proud to carry exclusive brands that are as stunning sonically, as they are visually.  Guitars you’ll never want to put down, and amplifiers you’ll never want to turn off - made by hand, one at a time by world renowned builders, at the very highest level of their craft.  These are instruments that will inspire your guitar playing and creative talents to their highest levels possible.


Nestled within the Southeast’s largest recording studio complex, we are certain you will find that purchasing an instrument from NashVegas Guitars is a very different buying experience than what you may be accustomed to.  Regardless of your level of playing, we start the buying process by consulting with you, so we can learn what genres of music you like to play and what sounds you’re trying to create.  We’ll also discuss which instruments you're currently playing, what you like about them and what you feel is missing that could take your playing to the next level.  Based on our many years of professional experience, we offer our suggestions for which guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals we feel would be best suited to your playing style and to help you in achieving your creative desires.  We’ll help you integrate all of the components that contribute to the sounds you’re looking for – guitars, amps, effects and accessories.

more on what make us so unique

Unlike many dealerships, we encourage you to bring your current guitars and amplifiers into our shop so you can try them out with other instruments you’re considering purchasing.  We even have professionally designed pedalboards, with some of the world’s most coveted effects.  Try them out with our guitars and amps - or feel free to bring your own!   If you’re just starting out playing the guitar, you can rest assured we will help match you with a high-quality instrument that sounds great, is comfortable to play, and that you will enjoy for a lifetime.  Our goal is for you leave our store 100% satisfied with your purchase and to be the first place you come back to when looking for that next instrument.

Appointment bookings

NashVegas has an "appointment only” showroom and retail location, which insures that we are able to give you all of the time and attention you deserve.  Making an appointment with us to view our inventory, also allows you to take the time you need to try our instruments and equipment in a comfortable, private and stress-free environment.  To book your appointment, please contact us either by phone or email


For our online customers who know exactly what they are looking for, but might only need a few questions answered prior to ordering;  feel free to contact us with any questions you might have and we will gladly repsond to all inquiries in a timely manner.


We believe our curstomers deserve 100% transparency when making their purchasing decisions.  To help us make sure that we are meeting your highest expectations; please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our store policies as well as our FAQs.


We hope to hear from you soon!


The NashVegas team.

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