*NashVegas Guitars is an Authorized XTS Xactone Dealer*

At NashVegas Guitars, we are very selective about what gear we carry in the shop.  It's got to be the best or else what's the point?  When we run across something special, we include it in our product offerings. This is one of our favorite overdrive pedals ever and resides on our personal boards. Everything from nice boost and edge of breakup tones to full Lukather style searing lead tones. If you don't have this one on your board you should.  It's simply fantastic... 

The Winford Drive is one of the world's best ovedrive/distortion pedals. This device adapts to nearly every situation, going from light overdrive on country stages, to big wooly distortion on the hardest rocking gigs. With unparalleled touch sensitivity and dynamic response, the Winford responds to the way you play. The Winford goes beyond cleaning up simply by rolling back on your guitar's volume. Small changes in playing dynamics are translated immediately by the Winford to a huge palette of tones. The Gain knob covers tones from very light overdrive to monstrous distortion. The unique Mid Boost gives natural sounding boost in the lower mids that can fill out lightly overdriven tones, and can give single coil instruments the girth to compete with their humbucking brethren. The Tone knob gives you broad control of your high frequency content and the Presence control lets you add clarity to your high end without getting piercing or sterile. The Winford Drive is one of the most versatile guitar effect pedals ever made. It not only gives the player access to a huge variety of tones via its simple, powerful controls, but works with your playing dynamics and guitar's volume control to make the Winford an ultra-responsive and dynamic part of any guitar rig.


XTS XactTone Winford Drive