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*NashVegas Guitars is an Authorized Victory Amplification Dealer*


The Victory VX The Kraken Amplifier Head two-channel monster starts with classic British-inspired rhythm tones in Gain I mode. Gain II sears on into tight, aggressive American high-gain grind, perfect for progressive and extended-range players. One for the gain addicts, VX The Kraken pushes all the boundaries of what you can expect from a 'small' amp. It'll even travel as carry-on luggage when you fly. 

Extra features:

  • Footswitchable gain modes 'Gain I' & 'Gain II'

  • Footswitchable master volumes

  • 'Bass focus' switch

  • Series effects loop

  • High and low power modes

  • Single-ended mode

  • Power valves switchable to EL34

  • Padded carry bag included

Victory Amps VX the Kraken

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