A replica of the hard to find, 1960's Marshall™ 18 watt lead combo amplifier with two channels (4 inputs) with a tremolo unit operating on channel two. This amp includes the optional rectifier switch upgrade which allows you to switch between the tube rectifier and a solid state diode rectifier.


2 channels 4 inputs (high & low)
Normal channel volume & tone
Trem channel volume, tone, speed & intensity
2-Matched JJ EL84 power tubes
3-JJ 12AX7 preamp tubes
1-NOS EZ81 rectifier tube
Heyboer transformers (original radiospares spec) (120/240 volt primary)
4, 8 or 16 ohm selector
Two speaker outputs
Plexi panels
Two speed Trem Pedal
Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors
dijon "mustard" caps
Aluminum chassis
Handwired point to point (Teflon wire)
Baltic birch cabinet

Retro King 18 Watt Head - Black Levant