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*NashVegas Guitars is an Authorized Headstrong Amplifiers Dealer*


A GREAT sounding and compact amp that we love for gigging and studio work.  All of the classic Princeton sounds are here but with more headroom and volume.  An awesome amp for stage, studio, or home use.




Brown with wheat grillcloth


-25 watt AA1164 Princeton Reverb


-6L6 Power tubes and larger transformers


-Accepts 6V6/EL34/KT88


- Reverb and Tremolo


-Single 12" speaker - Eminence GB128




The Lil King-S was Wayne's idea to create an amp that was never made during this era, a single channel 25-30 watt amp but not as bulky or heavy as say a Deluxe or Vibrolux Reverb. The other, to take a stock Lil King and see how far he could push it without changing the "inefficient" Phase Inverter found in the original circuit.  Tonally think louder and tighter Princeton Reverb.  Still not as bright as a typical Blackface style amp in this wattage range, the theory was to create a higher powered version with more headroom and bottom end definition, but when over-driven would retain some of the classic small amp character.  The amp also excepts 6V6 (approx. 20 watts) or EL34 power tubes with a simple re-bias.  If you love the Princeton Reverb sound but wish it was a little louder with better bottom end definition, this may be the amp for you!  What does the "S" stand for...Stage, Souped up, or Lil' King on Steroids...


Tech Info & Features:


20-30 Watt Tube Powered


Tung-Sol 6L6GC Tubes


Also runs 6V6/EL34/KT66-77-88


100% Hand-wired


Tube Reverb and Tremolo


Finger jointed pine cabinets


Eminence Speakers


2-Button Footswitch


Front Panel:


Hi/Lo Inputs














 Back Panel:


Power cord


Bias Pot




2A Fuse


Power Switch


8 ohm Speaker Jack


8 ohm X Speaker jack


Reverb FS jack


Tremolo FS Jack


Reverb OUT


Reverb IN


1X12 Combo: $2500.00 with Eminence GB128 Ceramic Speaker


Dims: 17 X 20 X 9.5 35 lbs.

Headstrong Lil King-S - Ceramic Speaker

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