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*NashVegas Guitars is an Authorized Fuchs Audio Technology Dealer"

Designed in collaboration with Buzz Feiten, this 212 cabinet is loaded with a pair of Warehouse ET65 speakers and weighs in at a lightweight 42 pounds.

The Fuchs Feiten 212 Guitar Speaker Cabinet is a new design by both Fuchs Audio Technology and Buzz Feiten. This team is proud to announce the new speaker cabinet design based on Buzz Feiten's pioneering work in lightweight and innovative speaker cabinet design. 

Buzz Feiten is a respected professional studio and touring guitarist as well as an inventor who pioneered the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, a method of intonating guitars that's used today by over 100 companies and has earned the respect of professional luthiers and guitarists around the world. 

The first chord you'll play through a Feiten cabinet will make you realize how special these designs are.

"We are honored Buzz has approved our cabinets and chosen to sign a worldwide license for this design exclusively to Fuchs Audio Technology. The combination of these cabs and our amps is simply stellar." -- Fuchs Audio Technology.

Features - Weighing in at only 42 lbs with dimensions of just 22x11x24 inches, this 212 cabinet is designed to out-perform most 412 speaker cabinets without braking your back.
- Two Warehouse ET65 speakers.
- Cabinet wired as an 8ohm standard cab.
- Black tolex as standard.
- The perfect match for any Fuchs amp.
- Proudly made in the USA!

Fuchs Ultralight 2x12 Cabinet