A great sounding, Mint condition Carr Sportsman that a customer of ours who is an acoustic bluegrass artist purchased a few months back as he wanted to give playing electric a try.  He never bonded with that Telecaster and decided to get back to his roots and trade this wonderful amp towards an acoustic we had in the shop.  This amp has fewer than ten hours of playing time on it and is in MINT - AS NEW CONDITION. Never left the smoke and dust free home office so this one is in out of the factory box condition. It comes with the knock dead gorgeous Black Gator covering ($200 upgrade).  In addition, this amp comes with a brand new custom fitted Studio Slips Double Padded Cover with a nice front pocket and the Carr Logo embroidered on the front ($140 cost).  Sweet!  Original Carr Box and Manual are included.  If you are looking for one of these great amps, you won't find a more pristine example in the used market. Perfect working order and cosmetically perfect as well - no scuffs, marks or tears - this one in mint out of the box factory condition.Description:The Carr Sportsman Amp is a great take on the instantly recognizable tone of 60's Fender small combos, combined with the dual 6V6 power section of similar late 50's style amps. Tones ranging from clear and snappy to Texas pushed twang to intercontinental grind are all under the hood of the Sportsman. This portable little monster gives you a simple platform for your pedalboard as well as a myriad of classic and cranked american tones, and does so without taking up a too much room OR wearing out your back! The Addition of MID and HEADROOM controls give you even more control when tweaking the sound of this familiar, yet innovative combo. The Headroom knob is the interface between the pre amp and the power amp on the Sportsman. For the cleanest sound, set the Headroom to Max and set the Volume control low. For thicker clean tones, set the Headroom to 11 o'clock and the Volume to 12 o'clock. For overdriven tones, set the Volume to 3 o'clock or higher and set the Headroom to the desired listening level. Higher Headroom settings will bring in more output section overdrive when the Volume is set highSpecifications:Power Output16 Watts Clean, 19 Watts MaxedOutput Tubes2 x 6V6 - Class A OperationPreamp Tubes2 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AT7ControlsVolume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Headroom1x12 Dims & Weight19 1/2" Wide x 17" High x 10" Depth - 42 lbs1x12 Speaker ConfigEminence Red White & Blues - 8 OhmAdditionalLush, All-Tube driven Reverb!100% True Hand Wired ConstructionCustom Carr power/output transformersLocal made saddle leather handleAll Pine Cabinet for maximum resonanceFloating baffle design for the 12" Speaker

Carr Sportsman


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