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Bogner Telos 40-watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head:


  • Wide range of blues and rock tones
  • Great tone at any volume
  • Adaptable to your playing style


Wide range of blues and rock tones!  


Onboard the Bogner Telos, you'll find boutique electric guitar tones that run the gamut from smoky blues grind to modified high-gain rock. Like all Bogner tube amplifiers, the Telos is extremely touch sensitive, allowing you to dictate your level of gain with your guitar's volume knob and your playing dynamics. Though the Telos boasts only a single channel, its 6-position Schizo switch allows you to voice the amp to the rest of your rig. And the amplifier's 6L6 power section delivers warm lows, a clear and present top end, and enough punch to keep up with any band.


Great tone at any volume!


Though the Telos is capable of pushing a very loud 40 watts, it has been carefully crafted to give you the same tube tones at bedroom levels as it does at arena volume. You'll fall in love with the two footswitchable master volumes. They are incredibly transparent, and with a tap of your toe, you'll be able to boost above the band and fall perfectly back into the mix when desired. And the Telos' 40- and 20-watt settings help you find the perfect amount of headroom for your music and style. Sweetwater players know that dynamics are everything. And the Telos has you covered.


Adaptable to your playing style!


The Bogner Telos all-tube guitar amplifier head is packed with features that ensure any blues and rock guitar players can find their ideal tones and functionality onboard. You'll find a switch for choosing between either a tube or a solid-state rectifier. This is where you'll determine if the amp responds with vintage sponginess or the immediate, punchy attack of many modern amps. The tube-buffered effects loop gives your time-based effects a clear and consistent signal. And the 3-button footswitch controls the dual master volumes, the effects loop, and an onboard gain boost.

Bogner Telos 40-watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Features:


  • 40-watt, single-channel tube amp head for rock and blues
  • Engineered to sound great, even at bedroom levels
  • Can be run at 40 and 20 watts
  • 6-position Schizo switch changes the amp's character
  • Tube and solid-state rectifiers offer differing response
  • Tube-buffered effects loop
  • Dual master volumes for fast dynamic changes
  • 3-button footswitch selects between 2 master volumes, a gain boost, and the effects loop


The Bogner Telos is an amazingly versatile single-channel amp head and is highly recommended as an ampt that sounds great on it's own or as the ultimate pedal platform.


Tech Specs:


  • Type:Tube Handwired
  • Number of Channels:1 channel with switchable volumes
  • Total Power:40W (20W setting)
  • Preamp Tubes:5 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes:2 x 6L6 (power), GZ34 (rectifier)
  • EQ:3-band EQ
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:2 x 1/4" (4/8/16 ohms)
  • Effects Loop:Yes, tube buffered
  • Footswitch I/O:3-button footswitch included (effects loop, volume control, boost)
  • Construction Material:Black Tolex
  • Power Supply:Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height:8.25"
  • Width:20.5"
  • Depth:8.25"
  • Weight:30 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TELOSA


Bogner Telos 40 Watt Hand Wired Head


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